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My name is Dan Burke, and here’s my story.

I started in the video-game industry back in 1989 at the tender age of 20 making games for the original Nintendo 8-bit system, after my programmer friend and I quit our jobs to take-on this venture. Back in those days, I had to draw all my graphics and animation on graph-paper and enter them in, pixel by pixel, using the Nintendo controller. It was just the two of us making the game itself, so that meant I got to make all the in-game art, music, manual illustration and box art. It was a fun introduction to the game industry and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Today, I’m a well-rounded generalist with 2.5+ years Art Director experience, and I enjoy all of these roles. As a Generalist with a specialty in modeling/texturing, I enjoy the creative process thoroughly and am glad to collaborate with others to get the best result. I do this for fun on my own time too.

As an AD, I love the variety, the challenge, working with artists or managers/directors and harnessing the strengths of a team to decisively tackle a task. I type 100 WPM and enjoy writing, language and culture—so working with various people all around the world (even remote artists) is something I do very well.

As for my personality: I’m a self-correcting critical-thinker and creative problem-solver with a penchant for workflow efficiency, design, and working-smarter. I’m a relentless problem-solver as well, whether it’s fixing my own water heater at home to solving a thorny technical workflow issue.  My response to most challenges is ‘challenge accepted.’

Feel free to email me about your project or company and thanks for stopping-by!

-Dan Burke

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